• 1. Down feed and material feed is by ball screws with servo motors for efficient and
    accurate cutting.
  • The machine is fully enclosed ensuring safe, clean and quiet operation.
  • Independent feed bed and vice system to provide accurate feeding of packs or bent
  • Both feed and main fixed vice jaws are fitted with retract on the return stroke to allow
    feeding of deformed or bent materials and to prevent scoring.
  • The vice feeding system has been designed to reduce the size of the wastage.
  • Blade material detection.
  • Motion detector to shut the machine down in case of blade breakage or jam.
  • The 10 inch CNC controller screen can also be programed off line.
  • Hydraulic blade tension is fitted to ensure the correct tension at all times which helps to
    increase blade life and optimum cutting pressure.
  • Variable blade speed by inverter.
  • Removable coolant tank for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic positioning of guide arm.
  • Power drive blade brush to ensure that all chips are removed from the blade to
    maximize blade life.
  • Auto-chip conveyor.
  • LED work light.
  • Top clamping. (option)


Model BS400S
Cutting Capacity (mm) ●90° Ø400
■90° 400 x400 (HxW)
Bundle Cutting (mm) Height 20 – 300
Width 150 – 300
Min. cut length in auto (mm) 10
Min. remaining length in auto (mm) 25
Min. cut diameter (mm) 5
Motors Saw blade 5.75 kw
Hydraulic 1.5 kw
Coolant 0.2 kw
Blade Size (mm) 5300x41x1.3
Blade Speed (M/min) 20-150
Single Feed Stroke (mm) 600
Working Height (mm) 750
Dimensions (mm) Length 1750
Width 3000
Height 1920
Net Weight (Kg) 3000

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