CNC Double Miter Cutting Band Saw – 5030DMA / 5050DMA

CNC Double Miter Cutting Band Saws



  • 10″touch panel CNC control with inverter blade speed drive.
  • For frequent change of straight and miter cuts stepless from +60° to -45° on both directions.
  • Programming of cutting length, angles and number of pieces.
  • Automatic movement of vices in conjunction with automatic miter positioning accuracy of 0.1°.
  • Full automatic cutting cycle.
  • Mist coolant system.
  • Servo feed vice.


Model 5030DMA/5050DMA
Cutting Capacity (mm) ●90° Ø325
■90° 320 x500 (HxW)
45°Left 320×350
30°Left 320×210
45°Right 320×350
Motors Saw blade 2.25 kw
Hydraulic 0.75 kw
Blade Size (mm) 4755x34x1.1
Blade Speed (M/min) 25-90
Single Feed Stroke (mm) 2500/4500
Working Height (mm) 650
Dimensions (mm) Length 4800/6800
Width 2280
Height 1810
Net Weight (approx.) Kg 3200/3500