Win Ho X Series

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    High Speed Precision Lathes – X Series – Heavy Duty

    Standard Features

    • HEAD STOCK : All gears & mandrel are made of alloy steel, heat treated & precision ground.
    • SPINDLE : Large bore spindle supported by 3-point precision bearings, suitable for heavy metal removal
    • GEAR BOX : Universal Gear Box – cuts Metric, Imperial, Module threads. Rotating type speed changing system – easy to operate.
    • BED : High Tensile Ribs structure, High precision and wide bed surface, Hardened & Precision Ground 3V Bed Design.
    • BED TYPE : One piece structure lathe bed enhances the machine life & working performance
    • APRON & SADDLE : Longer, wider slide and carriage for stronger heavier cutting. Central lubricating system for slide.
    • TAIL STOCK : Bearing on the bottom side of Tail Stock can be moved easily. /li>
    • SAFETY : Provided with Overload protect safety device
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